The Bay Heard In Finland

How far does a signal go? Well sometimes not very far and other times it can go as far as Finland. Not many would know that last part except 104 and 92.3 the Bay has a friend over in Finland that picked our signal!!!! His name is Mika Makelainen and he is a foreign news journalist for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, reporting both on radio and TV. To our surprise, Mr. Makelainen reached out to us and said he could hear the most continuous soft rock right here on the bay!



What Mika does is called Dxing(More Info). Essentially it is him trying to catch far-away radio stations and their signals and on one night as he says, "far above the Artic Circle," he could hear the Bay playing. He uses long antennas in a city called Lapland that as you will see from the pictures below is in the middle of nowhere and is the perfect spot to pick up signals from numerous different places!


Mika said he was astonished by seeing as Saginaw, Michigan, and Finland are a bit far apart. Our friend Mika we are too it is quite the occurrence when a signal reaches someone that far away and not with help from wifi or the internet!




Mika Makelainen is an accomplished man from Finland that has caught the eye of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and he has had articles written about his work Dxing and finding these signals. Check it out here!


From all of us here at 1400 AM, 104 and 92.3 The Bay we want to say thank you for reaching out to us and becoming our friend Mr. Mika Makelainen! We love what you do and we hope for nothing but more success on your adventure and journey of signals! 

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